Say Goodbye to Hollywood is my new favorite Billy Joel song.


Hey Y’all!

So, LIKE WOW moved.  “It’s whatever.”

Spent last week in the Virgin Islands, it ruled!

Stacia found an apartment in Abaco Bay, the apartment complex that we used to live in.   She moves in May first.  It’ll be nice to have some privacy again.  She and Noah and I are all living out of our bedroom, the only finished room in the house.  The kitchen floor is still ripped out,  so our refrigerator and stove are in the garage.   It’s taking forever to finish renovating because we can’t afford supplies.  I don’t have a workspace (or even an indoor table-top) to make art or sew or anything.

Abby Sangiamo, this guy is my favorite right now!

Did my first art fair today, sold one small watercolor to this guy who told me, “I hate to say this, but it’s kind of a big deal that I’m buying this, I’m a pretty well-known artist” or something like that. Richard Segalman. He said some nice, encouraging stuff too. Caught some flack off a lady with a parrot on her shoulder, who was eating chips and sharing them with the bird, like opening her mouth and letting the parrot eat the chewed chips off of her tongue! Like she would say something, then casually do that.

Allison Schulnik

Finished portrait of Devin, nailing on lattice-board frame tomorrow and making a new stretcher. The experts in the book “Art/Work” say that I should NOT post commercial work on my normal blog/site. So I guess I’ll make a separate Blogger for just commissions.

What should I paint now? Kind of inspired, but by random, disparate little things. I’m afraid of going off in the wrong direction or on dumb little tangents. Already feel like I’ve wasted too much time.

Closing on the new place in 4 days! Can’t wait.

Want this chair. too bad its leather. Way more occupied with house stuff than art stuff lately, mostly with where the two intersect (i.e. daydream: Albers print in a white frame, hung above forbidden leather chair)…

So excited ’bout our new place. Been looking at cute decorating all week. Closing is on September 1st! It’s going to be a lot of work, and probably kind of a lot of money, even if we do things ourselves.

Kinda still wishin’ for geodesic dwelling…

It’s almost this little.